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¡Colombian Peace Parade!

The Federiquiana Educational Community held on the day of our independence with great courage and optimism; joined the march against kidnapping and getting peace by accepting the invitation made by the media motivated by recent events surrounding the hostages and rescue successful achieved the Colombian army.

Very satisfied attended the event, agreed to the meeting, students, teachers and parents at the headquarters of the institution that already looks different architectural image, and then moved very order until the Santander Park of our town. During the walk took the opportunity to condemn violence and demanded the release of all hostages still being held by groups outside the law.

Our students and teachers behaved and banners filled the streets of Caldas, tricolor flags, music and voices for freedom and peace. Messages like: We reject the kidnapping, cry for freedom, there is no path to peace, «peace» is the way and even a banner with the latest headlines, on Sunday, the major newspapers circulating in the Valle de Aburrá, Were the subject of admiration and positive comments from people that were joining the march.

We congratulate all of our educational community institution for his involvement in the commitment and diligence to assess the sentiment and sympathy for those who have suffered and are suffering adversity in our country, especially recognize the excellent performance of our students deserve.

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