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Playing with Animal (Pre-school)

In order to realise this game we will need like optional material: animal figures, objects, things, offices, etc

  • The children feel in a circle.
  • The first boy must say the name of an animal that begins with A:
  • example (ant, alligator, etc)
  • The second boy must say it with B, etc.

Other options:

  • To be removing to letters from a box or stock market and to say the animal names that begin with the drawn for letter. They are possible to be writing the names or placing the figures of the animal in the blackboard. Those that when arriving their turn do not remember names, can have to fulfill some article, until it is a single winner.

Besides animal they can be plants, offices, things etc.

  • If the children just are beginning in the language he is to be giving tracks to discover the name of the animal in Castilian and soon to remember or to teach which is its name in English.

For example: I am thinking about an animal of 4 legs that has the very great ears… walks slow… has long tube… etc…

  • To stick the image of the animal or object that we named
  • To present/display a leaf with several animal drawings, to be coloring as the riddles are discovered.
  • To listen to onomatopoeical sounds in a recorder olos same they can be produced by the educational one. To discover to that animal belongs, to name them or to draw them.
  • Also it can be sounds that represent the climate (thunders, rain, wind, etc) It beats here to see as sounds with special effects are realised

It collaborated

Corinne Toledo

Teacher of English (pre-school)





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